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Hair Fall Treatment


It's typical for a human to shed around 50-100 hair strands every day from the scalp. Any hair fall surpassing the said range is considered under over the top hair fall which may at some point or another prompt hair diminishing and inevitably design hairlessness.

There are different alternatives for male pattern baldness treatment. It is prescribed to visit a capable dermatologist for hair fall treatment and keep away from salons and spas which may advance harm the hair.
Balding is a condition that requires a customized way to deal with treat.

The determination of treatment depends on the degree of male pattern baldness, the review of hairlessness and additionally the state of the hair and the scalp. Male pattern baldness happens because of a basic medicinal cause.

We offer tailor-made arrangements which fluctuate from moment to lasting. Our specialists will direct a videomicroscopy test and afterward redo a treatment arrange most appropriate to live up to your desires and your needs. A mix of medications may be proposed our specialists to address your quick and your long haul needs.

Hair Loss Treatment can be best provided after a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition. If you are looking for an effective hair doctor, you might want to consider knowing the cause of your hair fall before choosing the treatment. Cosmetic products and salon treatments are meant for normal hair and do not consider the underlying cause of the hair fall. Once diagnosed, medical and surgical treatments specifically designed for individual patients can be recommended by the proficient dermatologist. An efficient hair loss solution can be availed for male as well as female baldness patterns depending on the cause and area of hair loss. The hair doctor will ask the details of your medical history to diagnose the cause of hair fall and evaluate your condition to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you.

The clinic provides a lot of procedures for hair loss solution.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy: An effective treatment to stop hair loss and restore natural and healthy hair.

Medications: Certain medications are FDA approved and can help to stop hair loss in both male and female patients. This depends on the accurate diagnosis of the hair loss condition.

Surgical treatments: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHT (Direct Hair Transplant) techniques are hair transplantation procedures which are adopted once the hair loss progress is irreversible or the patient needs an aesthetic improvement.

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